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Do you still wait until your body starts hurting?

Getting injuries is such a waste of time of your life. Injuries are preventable with the regular body maintenance.

Perfect for athletes and anyone who loves to exercise, we help your body feel its best with treatments like stretching, massages, cupping, and needling. Pick either single sessions or go for our monthly plans, which let you come in 2, 3 times a week, or as much as you want. Step up your game and feel stronger with our help!

Recovery/Conditioning Session at Performance SportsPhysio in Longmont

ProActive Conditioning & Recovery Session

    At Performance Sports Physio, we are dedicated to enhancing your daily performance, whether it’s at work, during practice, or in the game. Our premier service offers a comprehensive Conditioning & Recovery session, designed to meet your body’s needs, significantly boost your recovery process, and reduce fatigue, ensuring you are always at the top of your game.

    Service Overview:

    Tailored to meet the demands of high performers like you, these sessions are a blend of advanced recovery techniques, including:

    • Therapeutic Massages and Stretching: Relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility with our customized massages and stretching routines.
    • Joint Mobilization & Manipulation: Improve joint function and reduce pain through targeted joint mobilization and manipulation techniques, enhancing your mobility and performance.
    • Cupping Therapy: Enhance blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall well-being.
    • Dry Needling: Target muscle knots and release trigger points for deep muscle pain relief and improved muscle function.
    • Infrared Treatment: Speed up your recovery process, increase the blood flow, and ease muscle stiffness through cutting-edge infrared therapy.
    • etc…


    Why Choose Our Recovery Sessions?

    • Customized to Your Needs: Each session is tailored to address your specific recovery needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.
    • Expert Care: Our team comprises certified professionals who specialize in sports therapy and recovery conditioning, ensuring you’re in the best hands.
    • Performance Enhancement: Regular use of our recovery sessions can significantly enhance your everyday performance, reduce the risk of injury, and ensure you’re always ready for the next challenge.
    • Subscription Option: We also offer multiple Subscription Plans, including options for 2x per week, 3x per week, or unlimited sessions, depending on your needs. (Details: see the New Clients/Patients page)


    Elevate your performance and well-being with our Proactive Conditioning & Recovery Session. Subscribe today and take the first step towards unparalleled recovery and performance enhancement.

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